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Sizes Available:

  • Standard size WELDBrush BN30 Brush with Copper Ferrule to suit SS-30 Sliding Shroud

  • Standard Size WELDBrush BN30/SS Brush with Stainless Steel Ferrule to suit SS-30 Sliding Shroud

  • Medium size WELDBrush BN45 Brush with Copper Ferrule to suit SS-45 Sliding Shroud

  • Large size WELDBrush BN60 Brush with Copper Ferrule to suit SS-60 Sliding Shroud

Weldbrush the original and the best. Every other weld cleaning brush is a copy.

A weld cleaning brush is required to deliver electrical current to a metal surface and distributed over an area of the surface rather than through a single point, as electricity would prefer to do, at the same time holding a reactive fluid at the surface where the current is flowing.

To be suitable for this complex role the “Miracle fibre” must:

  • Conduct very high currents

  • Be able to withstand high temperatures (600C)

  • Be chemically inert

  • Pass current down the fibre strand core and not through its walls

  • Have extremely high molecular bond strength to minimise fibre breakdown even at electrical arcing temperatures (well over 1000C)

  • Be a very small diameter (10 micron max) with thousands of strands to maximise bundle surface area for reactive fluid retention

  • Form a stiff bundle in order to work well as a brush

  • Be highly durable to withstand extreme physical pressure and maximise operational surface life.

Of the above the only property requiring complementary operation is the bundle stiffness which WELDBrush provide with their patented sliding shroud which variably supports the fibre for optimal operator freedom.

The brush shell

  • High conductivity copper

  • Designed for swage strength to contain the fibres

  • Tapered thread connection for optimal electrical current transfer for all brush sizes

  • Tapered thread maximises junction strength and ease of disconnection.

Keep an eye out for WELDBrush’s new “snap in” swivel brush for “difficult to reach” weld cleaning situations.

From the very first weld cleaning brush ever produced (here at our factory in Emu Heights Australia), WELDBrush has used only the highest quality fibre, a Miracle conductive fibre prefered for its properties by leading Aerospace Industry manufacturers. There are other fibres but none have the features required for the original and best weld cleaning brushes and machines, the WELDBrush product.




Sizes Available:

  • Standard Size SS-30 Sliding Shroud to suit BN30 Brushes

  • Medium Size SS-45 Sliding Shroud to suit BN45 Brushes

  • Large Size SS-60 Sliding Shroud to suit BN60 Brushes

Sliding Shroud for Continual Focused Power

Our patented Sliding Shroud is the white insulating shroud at the end of the wand. This not only protects the shell of the brush from shorting in confined spaces, but by restricting the splay of the brush, it concentrates the cleaning power into a smaller, and better defined area.

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