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The WB500 WELDBrush Weld Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Mains power lead

  • 1 x 3.5m red lead

  • 1 x 3.5m black lead

  • 1 x earth clamp and clamp lead

  • 1 x 150mm straight handle

  • 1 x wand

  • 1 x SS30 sliding shroud

  • 1 x SS45 sliding shroud

  • 6 x BN30 brushes

  • 4 x BN45 brushes

Note: Contents may vary depending on distributor

The WELDBrush 500 is the advanced version of the WELDBrush 450. It has more power, thereby cleaning welds faster.

This model has a variable power level and 4 functions.

1. Cleaning and passivation
2. Marking

3. Electro-polishing

4. Electro-plating

The WELDBrush WB500 will clean, mark, polish and etch print with a nominal (average) power level of 500 watts.


This machine is ideal for cleaning Stainless Steel MIG, TIG and Stick welds, plus performing electro passivation and electro polishing of Stainless Steel welded joints and surfaces. The WeldBrush also cleans and polishes Brass, Copper, and Bronze, and can locally electro polish Aluminium.


The WB500 is affordable for industrial use, allowing welders to focus on the welding process knowing that weld cleaning is now a simple single pass process.   Presentation is everything with stainless steel products, and this weld cleaner will make any stainless welding job look neat in seconds.


The combined performance of the weld cleaning Brush and the patented brush supporting Sliding Shroud mean that the WB500 is capable of achieving most non mechanical cleaning processes, including tight and awkward angles, easily.   The WELDBrush weld cleaner requires only basic skill and no certificate, as pickling paste now requires in many countries.


Welding is performed in a tough and dirty environment, and the WB500 is designed to have a minimum bench footprint, be easily relocated and be rugged to take the abuse of the work area with its acid resistant, easy to carry durable polypropylene case.   Post weld cleaning should be fast and simple, just what the WELDBrush WB500 delivers.

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