About WELDBrush

About WELDBrush

Bill Bunting
Managing Director
Anne Kirk 

The WeldBrush product arose from the need to solve a weld cleaning problem on highly processed engraved panels for McDonald Restaurants. The original process was invented in Italy some decades earlier, but utilised a bulky fabric over a flat electrode which was slow and awkward. A faster solution was needed.


Bill Bunting who, as an industrial designer, knew of the electrical properties of conductive fibres and quickly created the first conductive brush for weld cleaning. As pressure from other businesses wanting access to the brush grew, Bill Bunting created a company with a design associate and an “electronic” engineer to manufacture this brush based weld cleaning machine. This business became Ensitech. However, the partnership failed and Bill Bunting moved on to continue producing and selling his further developed original weld cleaning machines under Keztek and WeldBrush brand names.





With a program of steady product development over many years the WeldBrush has maintained its position as the most versatile, powerful, compact, robust, preferred weld cleaning machine standing out from a very solid field of competitors.

WeldBrush features including:

  • Robust polypropylene well balanced acid resistant case

  • Sealed fanless housing design

  • High efficiency electronic power moderation (including some patented components)

  • Heavy duty cycle

  • Cool operation, means efficient performance which in turn means all power goes to the work rather than  being wasted as heat in the power supply

  • Small bench footprint

  • Easy user interface (switches you can operate by feel)

  • Ease of relocation.. all leads unplug easily to leave a clean box

  • Flexible cables

  • High current DX sealed seat quick connectors

  • Modular accessories (housing, leads, handles, wands, marking wand) all DX interconnectable

  • Sliding brush management shroud for optimal performance (patented)

  • The original and the best conductive brushes made with the highest quality conductive fibre

Why is WELDBrush Special?


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